Video 15 Feb

A humbling look at what’s ahead of us. (this play was called by BC’s new offensive coordinator)

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Song of the Week: Carry It (Remix) Travis Barker ft. RZA & Raekwon

Photo 1 Jan Bowl Pick Em Standings before the “35 Point UConn Loss Avalanche”

Bowl Pick Em Standings before the “35 Point UConn Loss Avalanche”

Photo 27 Dec Come on BC, forget studying, get on that Sporcle.

Come on BC, forget studying, get on that Sporcle.

Text 26 Dec AFC East Champs

To Rex Ryan, his wife’s sexy feet, Braylon Edwards and Santonio Holmes (may your keys always be taken away from you), to Revis who can’t cover the entire field himself, to barely beating bad teams and losing to good ones, Mark Sanchez and the stupid Brady comparisons, and to their fans, who even though they haven’t done anything continue to run their mouths, I have one thing to say to you all : Suck it.


Text 26 Dec My Top 5 Songs of 2010

Around this time every year people all over the interwebs come out with their Top 5 songs, and normally no one gives a shit. Since I really don’t listen to “hipster” bullshit, or anything resembling what a middle aged white person should listen to, but it may be time for me to whip out my five inches of great music that got me through 2010.

5. Lupe Fiasco- Show Must Go On. I have really dug Lupe since he first busted on the scene with “Touch the Sky” with Kanye West. His early stuff was great, though I was never really a big fan of his last album, and immediately change the channel whenever I hear “Hip Hop Just Saved My Life”. Show Must Go On has a great rhythm, awesome lyrics and is very well written.

4. Cee-Lo- Fuck You. I know it’s been played out in it’s bastardized version on regular radio, but I still bust out screeching whenever I hear this song. Definitely not a song I have any business singing, but a fucking great track.

3. Big Boi- Shutterbugg. Keeping the list going with the dirty south, Outkast’s definitely more “gangsta” rapper goes solo and knocks it out of the park. The funk is totally there, and Big Boi shows that he can handle a solo career away from resident weirdo Andre 3000.

2.  Lil Wayne & Cory Gunnz “6 Foot 7 Foot”. I honestly could listen to Weezy rap about Tax Code and be thoroughly entertained. Even if he is completely overplayed, and he appears way too much with Drake and Nikki Minaj (Who I can’t stand) he is bar none the best rapper out there. My buddy SmartyBarrett got me into Cory Gunnz, who might be the rookie of the year in the rap game for 2010.

1. Kanye West ft. Pusha T- Runaway. Personally I can’t stand when Kanye is autotuning the shit out of his voice (808 and Heartbreaks is garbage), but I really enjoyed his new album, especially this track. Catchy, well written, and includes Pusha, my favorite member of the Clipse.

Honorable mentions: No Love- Eminem & Lil Wayne, J. Cole- Blow Up, Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg- Kush

Photo 30 Nov
Text 30 Nov Thoughts on BC Bowl Options

Welcome to my personal Tumblr, I have absoutely no idea what I plan on using this for, but please post your thoughts in the comment section.

So I have been looking at BC’s possible bowl destinations on a few websites/blogs and there are two themes that have emerged:

1) The Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl, aka the Emerald Bowl, aka the San Francisco Bowl aka the Bowl we have been to alot.

This is the last ACC Bowl slot, only used as a last resort, so it looks like it could go to Miami now that their program is in utter chaos. The intriguing thing about this bowl is that the likely opponent would be Boise St. The same Boise St that a week ago was slotted to possibly play in the national championship. That probably wouldn’t go well and end with BC getting utterly trounced. Though, if BC could somehow beat the vaunted Boise St. that would make this season end on quite the high note.

2) The Military Bowl in Maryland.

The interesting thing about this game is the likely opponent. ECU. Who is the quarterback on this team? Dominique Davis, our old QB from two years ago.  Eagle in Atlanta calls it a “lose lose” game, which I have to disagree with him here. I think it would be a fascinating to see what Davis could do against this D (Hint: look at his stats against the three ACC teams he played this year, they weren’t that good)

3) The Sun Bowl in El Paso

Honestly, I know nothing about who we would play here. Army? Yuck. No thanks. I don’t see alot of upside here other than the Sun Bowl is an actual legitimate bowl, not one of these other lame “CORPORATE SPONSOR BOWL”. 

What Bowl am I hoping for? The Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl. Screw it, lets throw all the cards on the table and see what a well rested, well prepared BC team could do against Boise St. We would have nothing to lose there…well except the game. 

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